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The Art of Mother Earth
– Marketing, Promotion & Event Management

The creative and logistical mind behind this company is Daniel Wilson.
Having said that, The Art of Mother Earth has a growing team of talented individuals who play an integral role in the delivery of every show.

In a life time of journeys and meetings, the one staple to Daniel’s learning diet has always been music, film and creative expression.

I have always been moved by all forms of art and have always admired artists for their heartfelt delivery of their day to day emotions. This honesty has been a refreshing gift and the feelings of joy or sadness, love or loss that it brings has continually cleansed me and helped me grow.
I am thankful for this selfless offering and have always been inspired to be involved or assist in it’s delivery in any way I could.’

This passion led to the creation of The Art of Mother Earth and the events are Daniel’s vehicle to honour the artist and the audience and serve his greater community.

Daniel’s intention is the presentation of a positive message through music, film and all forms of creative expression in the hope that it will resonate with an audience and reintroduce them to the depths of their heart, bring them joy, make them smile or more aware of emotions – rekindle their souls journey.

The soul is thought to incorporate the inner essence of each living being and every song,film or artistic work is a personal expression of that very self, so for Daniel it is natural to create an atmosphere that not only honours the original intention of the artist, but interprets the emotion or the message and creates a home for it to be experienced.
All performances have an entertainment value with all performers or producers being the very best in their fields, but the shows are always about so much more than that.

Our goal after a performance is to leave you with the positive resonance of the art you have experienced, all forms of art from all cultures – The Art of Mother Earth.

We are still learning and our growth will never end.
We look forward to your contribution to our evolution.

We would love to greet you at our next performance and I thank you in advance for the joy your energy will bring to the event.

‘My intentions are pure.’




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