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What we can do for you is best described in a story?

I have managed large & small businesses for a period of 15+ years.  I have managed successful businesses, bands & artists of varying disciplines. I have promoted events,product launches and tours both nationally and internationally. I have always found the best method of approach with clients and staff is to ask them their goals – Where do they see themselves in the next 12 months to 2 years? – What dreams do they want to achieve and what are they prepared to do to achieve them. With this knowledge at hand and a few more pertinent questions, I then set about producing a strategy to achieve those dreams. With regular communication and constant monitoring for any adjustments required along the way, I have always found upon reaching that first year review, that we had reached the set goals or understood why we achieved some and others were either yet to be achieved or were changed in the course of reviewing to suit current realities. It is this careful planning,reviewing and an intuitive approach to goal setting that has brought me all my successes along the way. My business achievements have always been in one form or another, determined by the success of others and I enjoy the motivation and goal setting that comes with this responsibilty. It is a win/win situation which I have found very enriching.

If you are an artist, an inventor, a creative person, an entreprenuer, a business owner with an idea or a product, but you just need someone to transfer your vision to reality than The Art of Mother Earth help people make those dreams come true. We talk with you about your dream, we interpret what tools you will require to start the journey, to achieving the goals you will need to set, to move towards your vision step by step. If you are a band , we set out a clear path for you to follow,arm you with all the tools you will need along the way and make you aware of the logistics and requirements to aim towards success. We create the path,we make you presentable to venues,festivals and your fans and then leave it up to your talent or abilities to deliver your goals. If you are a business and need a website and store for online presence, we can design the website,write the content and manage the online marketing for you. If you need a marketing plan, we can do that for you. If you need Branding , Marketing, Promotions or if you need to put on an event to sell or promote your product, then we can do that for you. If you have the basics but it doesn’t appear to be working then we can appraise the tools you have and improve on them if required. We do not just give you the tools and wish you well, we offer revisions and revisits to marketing plans and strategies implemented along the way. We are always available to discuss your thoughts.

We all have talents, abilities, ideas or existing businesses that we know could do much better if only people knew about it and if we had some help or a person to discuss ideas with – a regular or irregular think tank to keep it all moving forward. A company who can appraise your competitors and implement strategies to gain our market share. To make us or our product or our band or business stand out from the others in a very competitive market, that is where The Art of Mother Earth will help.

We have strategic packages for all budgets and business endeavours.  From a 2 hour meeting to a 12 month full service business involvement. You may just need to speak with someone to qualify your thoughts before you take off in a direction you have already planned. Run it by someone, get an outsiders prospective to be the devils advocate. Sometime we get too close to our ideas and it is refreshing to share our thoughts and think tank with someone to reaffirm our direction or strengthen our determination. If your existing website or product needs a tweak, then we can offer Online Marketing strategies that will offer every opportunity for your sales or product awareness to increase. If you need to increase the awareness of your product online or in the market place then The Art of Mother Earth will do that for you. We do not take over the project, we listen to your visions,knowledge & ideas and offer assistance to create an environment where those ideas can best succeed.

The amount of times I witness an amazing product or a person with incredible abilities or potential, who just cannot convert that into a business or a career or turn it into sales or just get their name out there is incredible, yet very normal and very understandable. Some people are very creative, yet would find it better for someone else to handle the business development side of things. This is very normal , we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Recognition of these weaknesses and outsourcing or delegating them is quite often the first step to success.

The Art of Mother Earth will help you with setting out a clear career path, whilst teaching you the theories behind this chosen approach, so you can proceed with your artistic or creative endeavours but be very aware and involved in its development.

The Art of Mother Earth will also do a market analysis of your industry and offer a report to access where you stand within it –  extensive research, competitor comparisons and seeking advice and opinions from our colleagues and friends within your industry. We can determine whether in fact in its present form, the project has an opportunity to succeed. Sometimes your passion does not in fact mean it has to become your business – I have seen many an artists passion squashed when the realities of business are added to the equation. Whether it will “work” or not is directly related to your expectation and goals.

All businesses are different so we tailor packages to suit all our clients. We are there for a 60 minute meeting to reassure you of an idea and encourage you in your endeavours and to overcome your fears or a 4 hour face to face discussion to gather information required to issue appraisals and business ideas for your product. A popular package is the ongoing 12 month relationship, where we handle all your business needs on a month by month basis.

All meetings and their contents are held in strict confidence and our intital 2 hour face to face meeting will assist in strengthening the trust between us and lead to a very enriching and respectful business relationship.

So if you need some career path advice or need help to start your career, if you require the marketing and promotion of an event, if you need an event manager for an existing event, if your event requires a ticketing agent, if you would like promotional videos, filmclips, website, promotional photography, logos, branding, an album or video, a business marketing strategy, an advertising campaign for radio,print media or television than The Art of Mother Earth can help.

I find helping people achieve their goals, overcome their fears and mental hurdles to achieving deserved success a priveledge and it is always a priority to contribute to a positive result for the community.

We support products that make a difference. We look forward to supporting you.

Contact us now to set your path to achieving your dreams and aspirations in motion. Invest in yourself….

Ask about our special limited offer for our initial 2 Hour Consultation for only $110!  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Our ultimate objective is to exceed your expectations and be seen as your personal marketing department.

We understand that you expect nothing but the highest standard of service and excellence

Kind Regards,

Daniel Wilson

Director / Producer

The Art of Mother Earth




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